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Bird of the Year

Forest and Bird run this competition every year, it has a chequered history of skulduggery, hacking and dubious votes, they assure us the perpetrators of these below the belt acts will be caught out in their quest to have their bird named the one of the year. The trust is the campaign manager for the

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New Team Member Raul Johnson

New Team Members

Raul Johnson Raul Johnson comes to Taranaki via the South Island but was born in the Shetland Isles of Scotland. He finished studying zoology at the University of Otago last year and says, “I have come out of it very passionate about conservation. Working with TKT is an opportunity I couldn’t miss and am really

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Uruti Bush - Experiences of the Uruti Trappers

Experiences of the Uruti Trappers

Don and I (Justine) check around 180 traps in the Uruti Valley on a monthly basis. We have traps on two different roads and two different farms in the area. We originally started off checking 104 traps, but since then have taken on another two traplines, taking the total of traps up to 180. We

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First Gas TKT Help the Kiwi Sponsor

First Gas Sponsorship

Saturday is another busy day for the Trust, assisting First Gas volunteers to install their very own trapline on the mountain, further strengthening partnerships on the Pouakai Range. Connecting staff to nature while helping to  restore the biodiversity of the Pouakai Ranges, has seen a win-win partnership form between First Gas and Taranaki Kiwi Trust.

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Egg Lift in the Waitaangas Celine Filbee Trust Manager

Egg Lift in the Waitaangas

As the new trust manager I thought I had better get out and get a line on what goes on at an egg lift. They start early that’s for sure, the team of myself, Jenny, Doddy, and John led by our trained Kiwi handlers, Sue, Kevin and Michelle were up and out of bed in

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Popokotea’s Annual Health Check and Transmitter Change with Sian

Popokotea’s Annual Health Check and Transmitter Change

Our Taranaki Mounga project coordinator Sian Potier gives us an insight to a long day tracking down a kiwi on Mt Taranaki for his annual health check and transmitter change. Popokotea (Popo) is a 3 year old male kiwi who is lucky enough to part of a kiwi monitoring program the trust is conducting in

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Finding safe spots for kiwi

How can you find safe spots for kiwi?

Taranaki conservationists have now found the best places for releasing a school’s adopted kiwi, thanks to two schools who helped the experts ‘listen out’ for safe spots. Children at Huiakama School in Taranaki were excited to release Chirp the kiwi into Rotokare Scenic Reserve after weeks of fundraising to help support their sponsored bird. Connor,

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Taranaki Young Farmers fund kiwi care

Taranaki Young Farmers fund kiwi care

Taranaki’s Young Farmers are playing a vital role in helping rebuild the region’s dwindling kiwi population. Two juvenile kiwi were released into Egmont National Park on Sunday as part of a Taranaki Kiwi Trust programme Taranaki’s Young Farmers’ clubs donated $600 to help cover costs associated with rearing one of the chicks. “It costs up to $1500

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Egmont National Park gains a Rock Star kiwi

Egmont National Park Gains a Rock Star Kiwi

The famed Taranaki kiwi that was born in a car earlier this year was one of two released into the wild over the weekend. Rock Star, which gained its name due to its birth in the back of a car, and another juvenile kiwi were released into the Egmont National Park as part of a programme by

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