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Other Ways to Help

Things you can do to save the kiwi in taranaki

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Direct actions to help kiwi

  • Kiwi aversion training is available to teach dogs to keep away from kiwi, get your pet, farm or hunting dogs trained
  • Don’t release cats into bush areas try and get them re-homed or take them to the SPCA
  • Trapping of mustelids and cats on is a critical component of kiwi protection, deploy traps on your property if it is near known kiwi populations
  • Help with predator control projects in your area.

Organise a fundraising event

Do you know anyone who might support kiwi conservation given the opportunity? Could you invite those people to a fundraising event, cook a dinner, run an auction, a sweepstake on the Rugby World Cup, align your fundraising to an event such as the Around the Mountain Relay, a Marathon, Ironman etc.

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