Māia’s 2 Million – Episode Two

The Trust’s board has goal to raise $20,000 in a year, none of this money goes to supporting a national office, it is all spent right here in Taranaki by the organisation on kiwi projects. Māia Gibbs, is our new apprentice Kiwi Habitat Protection Ranger and she is the face of our fundraising campaign called Māia’s 2 Million. We set Māia the goal of doing 2 million steps this year, 2 million steps that will all contribute towards saving kiwi in Taranaki. Māia will keep us updated every month about her conservation journey, the highs, the lows and of course the steps recorded on her new fitbit, here the report on her fist month on the job In my first month at the Taranaki Kiwi Trust, I have scaled ridges and small mountains, high and low, wide and far, and travelled 100s of kms to lay new traplines, find new areas for traps, catch plenty of rats and stoats, build flash new trap boxes, learn how to safely use a four-wheeler and chainsaw, and HOLD MY FIRST KIWI! I have learned to appreciate every trap box built, every wire cut, and every trapline laid by all the people who have previously put in all their hard mahi to work towards a predator free Aotearoa! To reach my goal of two million steps in a year, I need to average 153,846 steps a month (weekdays only) and this month, I reached 157,017! As we head towards a busy summer season, I should be smashing my monthly step goal. To make a donation on Māia’s 2 Million Givelittle page go here https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/taranakikiwi
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