Annual Report 2022

It has been a rewarding year as Deputy Chair of the Trust stepping in when our Chair, Cathy Katene, was unavailable due to work commitments. I would like to thank and acknowledge Cathy for her leadership for the last two years, she has worked hard in the kiwi space both as a volunteer for the organisation and in her work for Save the Kiwi. This year the Trust doubled its workforce thanks to funding from Jobs for Nature which has allowed us to really consolidate the work we do, the Community Trapping Project is positively thriving and we are really seeing the fruits of Emma, Jono, and Māia’s efforts now. The involvement in the kiwi monitoring project on Taranaki Mounga has become an all-encompassing interest for my whole family and it is a real pleasure to work with Sian and Toby and seeing kiwi thrive in their new environment. The Haurapa Kiwi Project funded by TSB Good Stuff has made inroads on the hard question of monitoring kiwi using drones, but radio frequency interference is the next challenge we need to address for this project to achieve success.

DOC Biodiversity Range Raúl Johnson with the Castle boys at a kiwi release

Taranaki Kōhanga Kiwi at Rotokare – our partnership with Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust is now playing a significant role in increasing kiwi populations around the district after three years of translocations, I thank Doddy our Kiwi Ranger for championing this project. Our Community Kiwi Ranger Jess has also played a large part in the work at the Kōhanga and several of our other kiwi and education projects. Our Trust Manager Celine continues to keep all the balls in the air including securing the much-needed funding for our operations. The many volunteers from minute takers to trappers and kiwi handlers continue to provide a huge service to the organisation, supporting and enhancing the work the staff do. At the time of writing there is one space to fill the board due to the resignation of first Eve Cozzie, and then Allan Collop for family reasons during the year. We thank both Eve and Allan for the part they played in the organisation. We hosted another stakeholders function at the Awakino River Lodge, a rather interesting venue made available by owner Garry Wyncherley, around fifty landowners, sponsors, and volunteers enjoyed a convivial lunch. Read more…

Drew Castle

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Pictured, DOC Biodiversity Range Raúl Johnson with the Castle boys at a kiwi release

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