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Kiwi from Rare to Everywhere
Kiwi from Rare to Everywhere
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Protect Kiwi in Taranaki. Support, Volunteer, Sponsor, and Donate with Taranaki Kiwi Trust

Taranaki Kiwi Trust is a charitable trust working on kiwi conservation throughout Taranaki to protect Western Brown Kiwi and increase their populations.

Taranaki Kiwi Trust is dedicated to protecting and preserving the Western Brown Kiwi population throughout Taranaki. As the iconic national bird of New Zealand, kiwi hold immense cultural significance, yet they face the threat of national vulnerability, risking extinction in the wild within two generations. Alarming statistics reveal an annual decline of 2% in unmanaged kiwi populations.

In response to growing concerns about the plight of these endangered birds in Taranaki, the Taranaki Kiwi Trust was formed in 2001. We are committed to making a positive impact on kiwi conservation and securing a thriving future for these remarkable creatures. The Taranaki Kiwi Trust, fueled by the passion for Taranaki’s natural heritage, is tirelessly working to secure a brighter future for these unique birds.

Your help is urgently needed to preserve Taranaki’s kiwi legacy. By contributing to our charitable trust, you play a pivotal role in safeguarding kiwi habitats and implementing vital conservation initiatives right here in Taranaki.

Be a guardian of Taranaki’s natural wonders. Your generous support can make a world of difference for kiwi populations, ensuring they continue to roam freely in the lush forests and mountains of Taranaki for generations to come.

Donate and Contribute

Your partner in kiwi conservation through preserving and protecting the Western Brown Kiwi population in Taranaki

Join us in supporting kiwi conservation through subscriptions and meaningful contributions.

Contribute to Kiwi Conservation in Taranaki Make a lasting impact on the Western Brown Kiwi population in Taranaki by subscribing to our conservation programs. Choose the subscription option that suits you best:

  • Monthly Subscription: Support kiwi conservation with a monthly contribution. Each month, your support helps fund essential programs, protect their habitat, and ensure a thriving future for these remarkable birds.

  • Quarterly Subscription: Opt for a quarterly subscription and contribute to the ongoing preservation of kiwi in Taranaki. Your regular contributions help sustain our efforts in protecting their habitats and implementing crucial conservation initiatives.

  • Annual Subscription: Make an annual subscription commitment to kiwi conservation. With your annual contribution, you enable us to carry out comprehensive programs, monitor kiwi populations, and take necessary actions for their preservation.

Shop for a Cause

Explore our kiwi-themed merchandise and find unique gifts that support our conservation efforts.

Shop for Kiwi-Themed Gifts and Support Conservation Explore our online shop, featuring a wide range of kiwi-themed gifts and merchandise. With each purchase, you not only spread awareness about kiwi conservation but also directly support our vital initiatives.

Join the Taranaki Kiwi Trust Community in Conservation Join our community of passionate individuals committed to kiwi conservation in Taranaki. Together, we can make a positive difference and ensure the long-term survival of these iconic birds.

Support Kiwi Conservation in Taranaki – Start Subscribing Today! Make a tangible impact on kiwi conservation in Taranaki through our subscription programs. Your ongoing support through subscriptions helps preserve the Western Brown Kiwi population for future generations.

Stay informed about our work in Taranaki with our latest news and updates.

Support us through our shop

Support our work by buying Taranaki Kiwi Trust. Explore our online shop, where you can find unique kiwi-themed gifts that directly support the conservation efforts of the Taranaki Kiwi Trust

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