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Meet our Monitored kiwi

At present we have 14 kiwi in total with transmitters on which we look after and monitor, located in different places throughout the Taranaki region.

  • 7 of these are adults in the wild which we monitor and collect eggs from. 
  • 3 are juveniles/sub adults which TKT released on Mt Taranaki with transmitters attached to monitor their dispersal patterns, and survival as part of a larger kiwi survey in Egmont National Park during 2016 and 2017.
  • 4 adults are monitored as part of the joint project we have with Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust growing a breeding population at Rotokare Reserve. 


“Horwell” is an adult male kiwi located in the Hutiwai Valley at Tongaporutu on private land.
In 2013 one of his chicks, “Detonate”, was released into Rotokare as part of the founder kiwi for our kohanga breeding project.
September 2016- we collected 2 beautiful eggs, which have both hatched (Vinny and Hori) and are at Kiwi Encounter presently until they reach 1kg in weight. 


“Bruce” is an adult male, lives at Parininihi (Whitecliffs Walkway area). He is very feisty, can be difficult to catch but is a good breeder.
October 2014 – 2 chicks. One of his chicks “Waipingao” is a founder of our kohanga breeding project at Rotokare.
October 2016- we lifted 2 eggs from him. He must have been a bit rough on those eggs as they both had cracks in them, but with careful care at KE and some ingenious gluing of egg shells they have both survived, hatched and doing well. Phew!


Artha is our special old male bird. He is 43 years old and has spent the last couple of years living peacefully in his retirement at Parininihi. He has even hooked up with a girlfriend this season.


Adult male, lives near the Waitara River at Matau on private land with predator trapping.
In 2014 we took one of his chicks “Crabtree” who is a founder of our kohanga project.
In 2016 we lifted 2 beautiful eggs. One starting to hatch and was making quiet cheeping noises in the transporter box, so we called it Chirp. The second one is called Starship.


“Stewart” is an adult male, lives back of Uruti, several kilometres up the Waitara River from Jensen.
In 2013 two of his chicks were taken and on of them “Liam” is a founder of our kohanga breeding project.
In November 2014 – 2 chicks were taken and release on Mt Taranaki
March 2016 – 1 egg, ”Rockstar” was possibly the first kiwi ever to hatch in a vehicle on the way to Kiwi Encounter. She made National news throughout the country. Hence her name.

Mt Hiwi

An adult male lives at the headwaters of the Moumahaki lakes area near Waverley.
One chick “Moumahaki” has joined our kohanga kiwi breeding project at Rotokare. He was one in a clutch of three 3 eggs in it which is quite rare. The other two eggs did not survive.
Mt Hiwi is also the father of Popkatea who was release in December 2016 with a transmitter on Mt Taranaki. 


Adult male lived at Matau on private land.
A good breeder, with one of his chicks “Tommy” joining the kohanga breeding project at Rotokare.
Very sadly he was found dead in 2016, suspected to have been killed by a ferret. We hope his partner finds a new man to continue breeding in the predator trapped area.

Mt Messenger

Adult male located in the Mt Messenger Conservation Area, DOC land inland Uruti.
He has produced some beautiful chicks, but may have a genetic problem with rotating leg bones, so we won’t collect any more eggs from him.


Is an adult male located at Matau
He has unusual light grey coloured feathers, but no eggs produced yet for the kohanga project.


Adult male located near Mt Messenger
We are waiting for him to produce a clutch of eggs for the kohanga project


An adult male, located at Rotokare as part of the kohanga breeding project.
He is a good breeder 

Bruce Lee

Is an adult male, and was born in 2010, he is at Rotokare as part of the kohanga breeding project.
Bruce is originally from the Matemateonga area.

Sub Adults:


Female, offspring of Stewart, made national news as she hatched in a ute on the way to Rotorua.
Dec 2016 released on Mt Taranaki with transmitter device to be monitored.


Male, offspring of Mt Hiwi, unusual bald patch on his head.
Dec 2016 released on Mt Taranaki with transmitter device to be monitored.


Male, offspring of Mt Messenger
To be released on Mt Taranaki with transmitter attached to be monitored.

Reporting an an injured bird

Its important to know what to do when you come across an injured kiwi. View our info sheet to ensure the Kiwis protection.

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