Kohanga Kiwi - Taranaki Kiwi Trust

Kohanga Kiwi

To deliver a cost effective solution to kiwi conservation across Taranaki.

The sites of the original founding population of kiwi

 In 2012 the Taranaki Kohanga Kiwi at Rotokare partnership was established between Taranaki Kiwi Trust and Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust. The project has now established a 100 strong genetically diverse breeding population of Western Brown kiwi at Rotokare, with the goal of harvesting the progeny in bulk for transfer, to appropriate predator controlled sites throughout Taranaki and beyond.

Monitoring the kiwi

We are now actively monitoring our kiwi in the reserve to determine the current population and growth rate. We are using call rates to look at the frequency of calls as one indicator of a population increase. We also want to learn more about kiwi, and field cameras can help.

Next steps

• Population assessment design
• Harvest & export design
• Develop list of potential release sites
• Ready for kiwi translocation in 2019

Partnership project: Taranaki Kiwi Trust and Rotokare Scenic Reserve Trust